Educational Links


The following are some education links we feel may be helpful.  This page will continue to be updated as we find additional links we believe may help you understand your condition, your provider, or the services that you are receiving.


To verify whether your provider is licensed to practice and that his or her license is current, please click on the following link and provide the necessary information about your provider:


Physical Therapist:      Physical Therapy Board of California Home Page

                                   License Verification Page


Physician:                    MD (doctor) license verification page



To understand the current issues surrounding physical therapy, you can access the home page for:


                                      American Physical Therapy Association

                                      California Chapter American Physical Therapy Association


The following are links to help you understand your total hip or total knee replacement surgery.  If you or someone you know might be considering a total joint replacement or might be curious about what is entails, this link provides valuable information about the surgical procedure.  Please understand that the educational materials on this website is not all inclusive.  If you have questions, consult your orthopedic surgeon.  He or she is best qualified to answer your questions.  Please realize that the materials in this website are in cartoon format.  Real photos of the surgeries are available but please view them at your own risk as we cannot take responsibility for any adverse responses you might have by looking at the real photos.


                                      Virtual Total Hip Replacement

                                      Virtual Total Knee Replacement